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Ask about 4.0+ drills @JW Marriott
Lets conquer your tennis ability- let me be your Tennis Coach, STOP WASTING TIME.
 My "FAST TRACK" Program allows you to get your tennis game improved in the least amount of time.
 Ball Machine Shadowing- I'll video record your strokes then change any technique flaws and then have you hit again.  I'll also hit with you watching my strokes so you can see the correct swing path, footwork or anything else that you need to work on. If you really want to get the proper technique this method I believe is by far the best solution.  I have seen pros teach and tell you technique but never show you- unfortunately a lot of them don't hit with proper swing paths and have old school strokes.  Let me show the modern day tennis game!
Topspin Forehands, lobs, backhands, slice, volleys, drop shots, overheads, serves, kick serves, returns, singles and doubles strategy, correct footwork drills,
play out points with me, yes practice games and sets so I can see what you need to do in a match.- this is ideal for the 4.0 to 4.5 player that does not need a pro just feeding from a basket of balls.
I can also help you with off court training, diet, conditioning and strengthening exercises, how to prepare mentally before and during a match, strings and racquet advice.
  Find your inner peace.  
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