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I offer Match Play, and then drills if you prefer to work on any specific shots.  Playing out points is really the only way to get to the next level.
 My "FAST TRACK" Program allows you to get your tennis game improved in the least amount of time. Here's what we will work on:
Serves: How to add more mph's, placement, flat, spin and kick serves, serve and volley,  how to pronate correctly. 

Forehands: How to hit huge topspin, returns, flat, power, lobs, approach shots, correct footwork.
Backhands: How to drive this shot with power, slice, passing shots, down the line backhands and droppers. Correct Footwork for backhand returns and returning kick serves. 

Volleys: Singles and doubles volleying positions, where to place certain volleys, one of the easiest shots to learn.  Also overhead footwork and preparation.

I can also help you with off court training, diet, conditioning and strengthening exercises, how to prepare mentally before and during a match, strings and racquet advice.
  Find your inner peace.  
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