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Oct  2015

Recently, I had the pleasure of taking a couple of lessons from Chris Holeman. He made a few tweaks in my forehand, particularly changed my grip from a continental to semi-western. I went from a forehand that went just beyond the service line to a weapon that has a ton of topspin and kicks up into my opponents body. In addition, he taught me the buggy whip shot which is great if you want to take your opponent wide.

On the serve, he also adjusted to have me keep me left arm straighter longer and my service stance. I went from just hoping to get my serve in to one that keeps me dictating the point. 

Chris is a true subject matter expert and can drastically improve anyone's game. I am currently a 4.0 player. I believe his changes, when practiced, will help me beat most 4.0's and be able to compete at the 4.5 level.

Jim Nudelman
Beaverton, Oregon

Thanks for helping me work on my serve, and tossing motions. I think I added at least 10mps
Dan K
Great training up in Prescott, thanks for helping me on volley techniques.
Mike E
Footwork and conditioning drills were awesome, finally a 5.0 level. Outlasting my competition on the court.
Dale P.


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